The Unlikely Disciple

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog!

I’m writing this blog in order to share my experiences as a Christian and former agnostic. This blog is about respect.  You don’t have to acknowledge that what Christians believe is true in order to have respect for them, but you should at least try to understand them better.

Let me begin with my testimony:

Growing up, I had never been to church because of my parents’ negative attitude toward organized religion.  During my freshman year at Colorado State University, I ran into a campus evangelist and started doing Bible studies.

Whoa, didn’t you just say you were agnostic?  True, true, but my response to the evangelist’s question, do you believe in God?  was… I don’t at the moment – I literally meant that my views might change in the future!

So for three years I went to church and studied the Bible, all without believing most of what it had to say.  It made me feel good to dedicate time to something deep and meaningful. Also, I have a very open mind and I don’t like to be ignorant.  Obviously, doing religious things doesn’t make you a Christian, but it turns out it wasn’t a waste of time because of what happened three years later.

Five months ago, when I decided to give my life to God, I had to come against a lot of excuses.  My main excuse was that I didn’t have the ability to believe. I thought that certain aspects of my personality, like my inquisitive mind, made it extremely difficult if not impossible for me to become a Christian.  I was right that it made it difficult, but of course it didn’t make it impossible – at least not with the grace of God.

Once I realized there was only so much I could do in my own strength to obtain faith, I decided to believe God would take me exactly as I was, inquisitive mind and all, as long as I put as much trust as I could in Him.


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