Today, I would like to address the subject of self-hatred since I recently realized this is one negative stereotype of Christians.

In my opinion, self-hatred should not be part of the Christian life.  Although I see how this could easily happen due to the acceptance of our sinful nature, I don’t think this is what the Bible is implying.

Perfectionism and trying to please oneself, produces more self-hatred than trying to please God. On our own, we can only do so much to be a person we can look at in the mirror every day.  Inevitably, there will be some amount of hopelessness knowing that we will never be good enough to be completely satisfied with ourselves. If you are an incredibly confident person, maybe you don’t experience this too often, but I don’t doubt you’ve experienced it at least once or will at some point.  I’m not talking about shortcomings that make you laugh (believe me, I can laugh at myself). I’m talking about shortcomings that really trouble you.  These are things that we need not feel hopeless about.

So is freeing yourself from feeling scrutinized by God, really a state of freedom?  In my experience, self-judgment is more condemning than divine conviction.  No, godly sorrow doesn’t feel good…it shouldn’t, but it is a more satisfying route in the end since you have faith that you do not have to improve yourself in order to be confident – God already loves and accepts you for who you are!


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