I am Second

I’m so afraid of being considered gullible.  However, gullible isn’t a synonym for faithful.  I think the reason I sometimes consider myself gullible is because I am so emotional.  My faith has to be equally heart and mind in order for me to know I am not gullible.  I think the key is balance.  I watch “I am Second” videos (http://www.iamsecond.com/seconds/sujo-john#.Tq95Yd7kvc8.tumblr) for the emotional side.  I read and learn from a variety of writings for the mind side.

Nevertheless, both mind and heart are deceitful so I think that is what I fear the most.  I think beyond my mind and heart there is grace which prevents me from simply following blindly.  This prevents my faith from being solely attributed to psychological theories of the mind – which I believe are valid but do not account for everything.  So I’m not gullible.  I recognize which psychological principles may be at work while at the same time, not putting too much weight on those alone.


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