God is Good.

I watched the movie Capote today in one of my classes.  I really didn’t enjoy it other than the fact that it was about murder.

Wait…that makes me sound morbid…let me explain 🙂

Murder is obviously not a fun thing to think about, but it does create a great analogy for sin. The average person is not a murderer and has no intention of murdering anyone.  The reason murderers are rare is because most people see it as sick and wrong and despicable.  In short, their decision to not murder is not motivated by the threat of the death penalty.

Accordingly, we should not look at God’s word and see it as a fear tactic.  We should look at God’s word and decide that not loving him would be sick and wrong.  Basically, because of who He is, we should have no desire to not love him in the first place so the fact that not loving him has consequences, has no bearing on us. I mean if you don’t like the sin anyway, then the reason to avoid it is not found in its consequences but its very nature.

The reason this analogy came to mind was because I have been having trouble seeing God as good recently.  Every time I’ve sat down to read the Bible this past week, all I have seen are fear tactics.  It’s been a really distressing week to say the least.  One cannot have faith in God unless they believe Him to be good.  Making the argument that God is bad is basically making the argument that God doesn’t exist.

I repented and asked God to take the doubt away.  I knew I should probably read some apologetics as well, but I didn’t really have the time.  Fortunately, God had other ways of restoring faith in me.  Analogies rock!


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