Why are we here?

Whenever I find myself doubting God, the one thing that never fails me is thinking about how strange it is that we are creatures that don’t even know why we’re here, but as big as that question is, we don’t let it worry us too much and, in general, we just go about our day-to-day lives.

We are surrounded by thousands upon thousands of wondrous things, from towering Sequoias, to rushing waterfalls.  We perceive this stuff as awesome yet not completely and utterly amazing because we’ve never known life without these things.

We do ask questions about why things are the way they are and why we are here, but not often enough.  The little challenges of life are enough to distract us from the bigger picture.  Each challenge becomes a purpose in itself.

However, in the big scheme of things, does that challenge define us?  We walk around like we know what we’re doing, but in reality, many of us don’t even know the answer to the biggest mystery of all: Why are we here?

So next time the thought crosses my mind that I don’t need God since “I know how to live life,” I will begin to mediate on the mystery of life, and soon I will realize just how very little I know about that one little detail that I always seem to overlook: Why am I here?

If I’m struggling to come up with an answer to the most important question of all, how can I trust myself to have answers to anything else? The fact is, I can’t trust myself; I can only trust God because He is the only one who fully understands the meaning of life.

Trusting God doesn’t mean blindly trusting the Bible – it means trusting the Bible based on the faith God has already given me. And it doesn’t mean begrudgingly accepting facts that I don’t really want to agree with. Trusting God means that His thoughts become my thoughts so my faith is no longer simply based on words I see on a page but on something I can actually experience for myself.

The mystery of life is so great. How can we possibly hope to understand it on our own? I’m not as mindful of life’s purpose as often as I’d like to be, but the more I put my trust in God, the more I will discover about the true meaning of life. While I do not fully understand life’ purpose, the one thing I do understand is that I am here because I was created by a loving God, and that answer is sufficient.

I am very glad I can at least somewhat answer the question, Why are we here? because, for me, that question is just too big to ignore.


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