Decisions, Decisions

When it comes to making decisions, I am confused as to whether God is always speaking to me and I just need to listen or if I instead need to be patient and wait for His perfect timing. The reason I wonder this is because I’ve been very reluctant to make decisions lately and I hope it’s not because my mind is too cluttered to hear God or because I do not have enough faith to know when I’ve heard Him.

The decisions I am currently faced with seem so monumental that I hold off on making them for as long as possible in order to avoid making the wrong decision or having wrong motives.

There is no doubt that I do need to act, though. Perhaps not on any particular decision right at the moment but I can act by simply putting my trust in God. It might not feel like much of an “act” but it is no less life-changing.

My focus shouldn’t be on making all the right decisions as soon as possible but rather just being ready and willing to follow God. Following God’s will is a good decision in itself and it is a decision I can make right now. If I ever feel stuck and impatient because I don’t yet have answers to make big decisions, then I should rest in the fact that I am making progress as long as I trust in God. It may not feel like “progress” in terms of the way the world defines progress but it is progress nonetheless.

I need to get rid of this impatience and my need to always be “doing” something. Impatience leads me to rely on convoluted systems of decision-making based on norms, expectations and the advice of others. God has made me unique yet sometimes my expectations for myself are based on other people’s experiences and advice. There is some value in that but never did God tell us to rest on human advice alone.

When I do make decisions and step out in faith on something I think I’ve heard from God, it can be difficult to figure out if I’ve in fact made the right decision because either way, I am faced with trials. Pain and suffering while we’re on Earth is normal and expected so that makes it all the more difficult to tell when I’m walking down the wrong path. I know God sometimes uses trials to discipline us, but every trial we face isn’t a form of discipline.

The intensity or frequency of trials, therefore, may not a good indicator that I’ve made the wrong decision, and I should refine my decision making process to include other factors. Yes, clues are helpful, but when it comes down to it, the best way to make decisions is by listening for God’s voice in the silence – uncluttered and free of my expectations, desires, societal norms or an overly simplistic understanding of divine discipline.


One thought on “Decisions, Decisions

  1. Decision making is always a difficult thing to master. Especially when trying to please the Master. I agree, learning to trust God in all things is paramount and should always be the main focus of our lives.

    Another great post! Thanks for sharing.

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