Absolute Morality

It’s ironic that many people say morality is relative and yet when they say God’s Law is too high of a standard, they say this as if it is an absolute statement, assuming there is no other way to look at it except through their own eyes.

MoralityIf we think “everything is relative,” how can our judgment of the goodness of God’s Law be absolute? If we do not admit that our views are relative then we will see them as absolute. Even though we claim no absolute exists, we make exceptions for things that “rub us the wrong way” emotionally because our hearts always seem to tell the truth. Perhaps we are not as opposed to absolutes as we think – we love absolutes when they agree with our emotions. However, we reject absolutes when they are God’s absolutes because these are harder to understand with our emotions.

Sometimes, we are prisoners of our own perspective because we have no other frame of reference through which to understand the world. We can try to put ourselves in the shoes of a supernatural being but that is understandably very difficult. The most we can do is admit our opinions are relative, which releases us from the grip of close-mindedness and allows us to consider the possibility of other perspectives – perhaps one that might actually be truly absolute. The real danger of close-mindedness is when our minds close on something that is relative.


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