Ashamed of Being a Christian?

CluesI realized one of my biggest problems is that I often feel like a bad person for being a Christian. However, that is ridiculous because I am simply following the clues that have been presented to me through my life circumstances and through the evidence I have encountered. I should rejoice in whatever I am given even if it is different than what others have been given as of yet.

I put so much blame on myself for everything but this is one thing that I cannot blame myself for because I am simply a curious person who is trying to muddle through life just like everyone else and even though I have settled on one belief, doesn’t mean I have intentionally sought to believe something that could be seen as offensive (in that it points out humanity’s sinful nature).

I have stumbled upon Truth unintentionally and I have decided to believe it, not with the intention of alienating others, but with the intention of treating evidence seriously. I cannot help the fact that treating the evidence seriously leads me to accept some things that are offensive to others. I cannot help the fact that it is difficult to near impossible to stop believing no matter how much I’d like to live a “less offensive” life sometimes. I cannot help it so why do I feel so guilty? My life experiences have led me here and solid truth has kept me here. It is truly all God’s design so I cannot take credit for it (or feel guilt for it).


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