Need Advice

So I was recently blessed with an intense faith and a great understanding of the Gospel that lasted for quite a few months. Recently, that has been slipping away. Is this decline in faith normal? I have a hard time praising God when I don’t understand the Gospel. I feel like my eyes have been almost completely blinded. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!


3 thoughts on “Need Advice

  1. Good morning. I’ll be heading for work in a few minutes so I don’t have long to reply. But essentially, I have learned over the past fifteen years of faith, that my relationship with God, is a lot like my relationship with my wife. When we were first dating, I was completely infatuated with her. Everything was so new and fresh, I couldn’t get enough of her. We got married, and as time moved on, something happened.

    I began to notice a change in how I felt. I realized that the “honeymoon” phase was over. We had issues, and that didn’t help at all. I knew I loved her, but that same feeling was gone.

    After some time, mainly because of my awesome God, and my beautiful wife, we began to realize that relationship is work. In the beginning, it’s so easy. We had so much to learn from each other, so much to tell each other, and it was all fresh and new. Once that was over, we had to work to communicate, find things to talk about. At that point, we had a decision to make. Either we would work at our relationship, or it would die.

    The same goes with God. Once the “honeymoon” phase is over, you have to make a decision. Are you going to be the seed in shallow ground, or are you going to dig deeper, burrowing yourself deep into the soil so that you can have a bountiful harvest?

    Doubts will always come. Our flesh, and the enemy of our faith, will make sure of that. Just make sure you are in deep enough to weather those storms when they come.

    I pray this helps.


    1. I would like to add that, my wife and I are happier, and more in love today, than we have ever been.

      My relationship with God is the same. Because of the wrestling with my faith, and the patience He has given me, I have had many answers to prayer. Now, since time has past and I can look back over the journey, I can clearly see His Mighty Hand in my life.

      It’s interesting how, in the moment, I could never see how God was at work in my life. But now I can look back and see, as though He has opened my eyes, to all the work He has done. This gives me great faith for the future.

      1. Thanks, Joseph! I am going to dig deeper and not give up. Sometimes I freak out and wonder if I ever really understood the Gospel to begin with. Looking at the big picture and what God has done in my life so far reminds me that Jesus really is in my life even though I sometimes don’t feel like a Christian at all. Thank you for sharing the story about you and your wife! It was very helpful.

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