Are debates a distraction?

I went to a small group tonight where we watched a movie about creation versus evolution and it was very interesting but I don’t know how beneficial it was. I love thinking about complex things but if my mind becomes too accustomed to the intrigue of “solving mysteries” then I will focus less on the love of Christ.

When I start volunteering for Sunday school for preschoolers, the expectation is that I demonstrate to them and remind them how much God loves them. However, if my mind is stuck in the complexities of debates and arguments and figuring out the best way to explain something to a skeptic, then my mind will not be on Jesus.

There’s definitely a time and place to think about complex things but I do not want to become so obsessed with it that I forget the whole goal of life, which is not to change people’s minds on various theological topics but to show them the love of Jesus. If we successfully get someone to question evolution then what have we accomplished? It may break down one roadblock to becoming a Christian but it it’s definitely not the biggest roadblock. The biggest roadblock is misunderstanding who God really is and not realizing that he loves us and that we need him because of our sin.

Yes it’s frustrating that evolution is so pervasive in our classrooms but all the energy we spend trying to get creation taught in schools could better be spent telling people about Jesus, not necessarily through the lens of creation but through the lens of salvation.

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2 thoughts on “Are debates a distraction?

  1. I agree… I think we tend to step outside of what our “job requirement” is when we try to do the Holy Spirit’s work for Him. We are supposed to share the Gospel to the lost world while the Holy Spirit convicts them and opens their eyes. We are heralds, speaking out what the Holy Spirit shares with us.

    It’s hard sometimes for me to remember that. It’s a conscious effort for me not to try and persuade someone to Christ. I’m supposed to share the law, which brings the knowledge of sin, and then the forgiveness of that sin through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Not whether the chicken came before the egg.

    Very well written article! Thanks for sharing.

    (The chicken came first, then God said be fruitful and multiply… Then the egg came :-)).

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