Effortless Prayer

Praying Mantis

Dear God, please help me make you the center of my life no matter what I am doing. Sometimes I avoid talking to you because I think it will be too much effort and too distracting from getting stuff done but it’s really not that hard to talk to you.

I talk to you and you listen. All I have to do is make the decision. I don’t have to say anything fancy.

Just the other day I was super excited to go to a party so my mind was heavily distracted from you. Nonetheless, I made the decision to pause for a moment and really talk to you. It was a wonderful decision. Instead of being difficult, words of praise and petition flowed effortlessly through me and I was astounded at how passionately I adore you even when my flesh seems utterly and irrevocably distracted by the entertainment the world offers. I was astounded at authenticity of my words – words that usually cause me to cringe at their clichéd overuse.

I am cringing no more. My heart truly does want you, and I am free to praise you with the words I thought were reserved for only your most devoted followers.


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