Loving (but Not Limiting) the Way God Made You


Unique personality

This website is a good illustration of how my intelligence is narrowly focused on that which I’m passionate about (i.e., psychology and theology).

In a mind like mine, there is less room for practical things as I spend so much time contemplating theoretical things. It’s a phenomenon where my brain has so much “expertise” in one area that there is not as much room for expertise in other areas.

We spend time learning about that which interests us, and unfortunately, a lack of interest in a certain area can dissuade us from learning about that topic, and even when we do, we’re less likely to retain the information.

I couldn’t tell you much about history, but I can identify and name 99% of all dog breeds. I can tell you all about psychology but very little about the economy. I know all about Christian apologetics but very little about navigating the roads of my hometown of 23 years. There’s only so much room available, and when I’m passionate about something, it tends to take up a lot of room (there’s a lot of dog breeds to keep track of!)

While I’m free to choose the type of information my brain absorbs and retains, I don’t often exercise that freedom. I’m so attached to my personality that I shy away from topics outside of my sphere of passion. I put up unnecessary boundaries that limit my ability to learn about things that could be quite valuable. God loves my uniqueness, but He never meant for it to constrain and limit me.

I’ve put myself in a box, and I’m proud of my little box. My box frustrates me sometimes, but overall, it’s comfortable and familiar, entrapping me with the intoxicating smell of cardboard. It’s intimidating to learn new things that don’t fit into my box, but God can help me. I just have to take steps of faith.



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