My Book: Wide-eyed and Wild

christian testimony

Someday, I’m going to self-publish a memoir based on this blog. My book will include stories of frustration and elation on my search for truth (and healthy faith) during college and throughout my life as a young adult.

Sample Title:

  • Wide-eyed and Wild: Fumbling Through Faith as a New Christian

Sample Chapters:

  • A Dancing Animal-rights Activist Churchgoer
  • The Clarinets
  • Faith and Anxiety
  • Zombie Love Stories
  • Less Normal
  • Why I’m No Longer Into Apologetics

It’s Like:

  • Blue Like Jazz but from the perspective of a female with 20 years of experience in Agnosticism.

First Page or so:

“I was a wide-eyed college student pursuing a degree in Public Relations. No one told me I’d also be receiving a degree in Religion, but I guess that’s the way God works sometimes.

When you choose a major that doesn’t kick your ass, you have an abundance of free time. That’s probably why I ended up experimenting with swing dancing, animal advocacy . . . and church.

Curiosity is my downfall (or advantage depending on how you look at it). In college, my curiosity was so strong that I stopped just short of joining the Medieval Society, whose members donned middle-age garb and swung Styrofoam weapons at each other in the center of City Park . . . ”

That’s all I have for now. Back to work.


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