The Secret Life of a Writer: 48 Hours of Solitude

writing for godThe weekend is over. It wasn’t my typical weekend, full of hikes and parties. It was quite the opposite. In fact, it was 48 hours of straight solitude. Why, you may ask, would I do this to myself? I’ll explain.

I have a dream to one day publish a book. Occasional periods of extended solitude are essential for nurturing creativity and making progress on my manuscript and marketing plan.

As much as I enjoy writing and marketing, I sometimes get discouraged and wonder if all this solitude is worth it. Writing can be exhausting at times – like having a second job – and who knows what kind of fun I’m missing? It’s times like these that I have to take a step back and reassess my goals. Why am I doing this? Why am I writing a blog? Why do I want to publish a book?

  • Blog
    • Builds a platform of followers that – when large enough – proves to agents to whom I pitch that I am publishable
    • May get me discovered by literary agents
    • Shares God’s love
  • Freelance writing (paid and unpaid)
    • Increases traffic/ builds platform
    • May get me discovered by literary agents
  • Book
    • Shares God’s love
    • May not be the beginning of a full-time writing career, but it is a good use of the gifts God has given me

So far, is my blog achieving this? My traffic is still relatively low, but based on an analysis of visitors’ search terms, it seems like I’ve reached at least a few people who could benefit from knowing God’s love. This is who I’ve reached (in order of search volume):

  • Christians and non-Christians with questions regarding the idea of selflessness.
  • People struggling with faith in God or wanting to help others who struggle. Some examples:
    • “i have bad thoughts about god that i don’t mean”
    • “i may have fallen and made mistakes in my christian life”
    • “daughter having bad thoughts about god in her head”
    • “god is mean bad”
    • “rejected by god”
    • “navigating being a christian and 20”
  • Christians wanting to share Jesus and understand negative perceptions of Jesus. Some examples:
    • “discovering jesus, new believer”
    • “i would like information about witnessing to young adults about god”
  • Christians struggling with mental health Some examples:
    • “god get negative thoughts out of my mind”
    • “lord take away my racing thoughts”
    • “christians overcoming obsessions”

While I don’t claim to be an expert on any of the above, it’s inspiring to see how sharing my personal experiences may have brought hurting people a little closer to God. That’s why I’m doing this. That’s why I want to publish a book. If I ever get discouraged, I’ll just take another look at my search terms.


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