When I Was Little

When I was little – I mean like elementary school – I used to enjoy thinking about difficult questions at night before falling asleep. I guess I liked thinking about things that hurt my brain, my favorite one being, “If there wasn’t this [as in the universe], what would there be?”

childlike faithI can’t quite explain it, but something inside me enjoyed marveling at this terrifying thought. At the time, I didn’t have an answer to my question, and the idea of “nothingness” scared me. Now that I believe in God, I see that the answer isn’t “nothingness” but “God.”

I was a weird kid. I thank God that I was so weird because my childlike wonder exists to this day, and if I hadn’t maintained it throughout college, I might have never said yes to the campus evangelist who invited me to church.

Everybody has something different that God uses to call them to himself. Curiosity was one thing he used in my life.


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