When I Forget About God

remember-gospelWhen it comes to the Gospel, I think I suffer from short-term memory loss. While that’s an exaggeration, it is a good metaphor. In this metaphor, the “memory videos” in 50 First Dates – the ones Lucy has to watch every morning – represent the Bible, and Lucy represents me.

When I don’t watch my “videos,” I forget the whole context of my life and its purpose. I forget that God – in this metaphor, Henry/Adam Sandler – loves me, and I don’t understand why he’s asking me to love him since I can’t remember who he is.

Loving God is not our default. We must be reminded often what God did for us by sending Jesus. When we wake up in the morning, our half-asleep narrative isn’t likely to be, “What can I do to be your hands and feet today, Jesus?” It’s more likely to be, “Time to go to work and slave away so I can keep a roof over my head.”

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