The Psychology of Faith (an Infographic)

What is your view of God?

Faith doesn’t have to be unpleasant. I make it unpleasant because I have gotten into some bad habits.

No matter how much I focus on Jesus in the morning, my belief does not go with me in my everyday life because whenever the Holy Spirit reminds me of Jesus, I ignore him because I think that focusing on Jesus – when I haven’t focused on him in a while – will make me feel guilty.

However, if I were to fully accept the Holy Spirit’s contribution to my thought life, then I might find that the thought of Jesus can actually lead to positive thoughts. All I have to do is consciously choose to move past “Jesus as an idea/as my brain naturally conceives him,” and get to the good stuff – the full Gospel of grace.

Reminding myself of the Gospel is a conscious effort. It’s easier to just accept whatever my mind spits out after processing and packaging the Holy Spirit’s message. Remembering the Gospel really doesn’t take an inordinate amount of time, but my brain is built on efficiency and will do anything to save time.

But I want my faith to be pleasant. I don’t want to view God as unfeeling and demanding because that’s not the truth, and it’s just plain unpleasant.

Here’s an infographic of the “pleasant way” vs. the “unpleasant way:”

psychology of faith


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