I Need More Faith. But Why?

Herman: “Where are we going again?” Gertrude: “Hell if I know.”

I feel like I’m always asking God for more faith – either because I need hope for my personal struggles or I feel like a “bad Christian.” I’m so focused on myself, my mood and my morality that I forget why faith is so important to begin with. The real reason I need faith is because I need to live in the truth.

It’s so easy to forget that God is the whole point of life; that the world was made by him, for him and through him. Everything I see has his name on it. He is the artist, and I’m living in his painting.

Much of the time, the painting seems pointless, but what if I knew it had a greater purpose? What if I knew the painting was a masterpiece ultimately depicting the most devoted lover in all the universe?

I’d rather know the point of the painting so I can contribute to its beauty and purpose. I’d rather give the artist the credit he deserves so I can stop contributing to his defamation. That is why I need more faith.


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