About This Blog

I’m trying to understand faith. What is faith exactly? What is reasonable faith? Blind faith? Healthy faith? Unhealthy faith?

This blog is a journey from agnosticism to unhealthy faith to (hopefully) healthy faith. My early posts (dating back to 2011) are much different than my recent posts. I’ve rerouted many times, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I will try not to self-censor and edit my older posts, but sometimes, it’s hard to resist (at least 90% are in their original form).

The ultimate goal of Wide-eyed and Wild is to help Christians focus on the simple Gospel message and let go of condemnation.

About My Book

Someday, I’d like to self-publish a memoir based on this blog. My book will include stories of frustration and elation during my search for truth (and for healthy faith) during college and throughout my life as a young adult.

Sample Title:

  • Wide-eyed and Wild: Fumbling Through Faith as an Overthinker

Sample Chapters:

  • A Dancing Animal-rights Activist Churchgoer
  • The Clarinets
  • Faith and Anxiety
  • Zombie Love Stories
  • Less Normal
  • Why I’m No Longer Into Apologetics

It’s Like:

  • Blue Like Jazz but from the perspective of a female with 20 years of experience in Agnosticism.

First Page or so:

“I was a wide-eyed college student pursuing a degree in Public Relations. No one told me I’d also be receiving a degree in Religion, but I guess that’s the way God works sometimes.

When you choose a major that doesn’t kick your ass, you have an abundance of free time. That’s probably why I ended up experimenting with swing dancing, animal advocacy . . . and church.

Curiosity is my downfall (or advantage depending on how you look at it). In college, my curiosity was so strong that I stopped just short of joining the Medieval Society, whose members donned middle-age garb and swung Styrofoam weapons at each other in the center of City Park . . . ”

About My Business

My Etsy shop, Two Wild Gingers, sells shirts featuring cats and inspirational quotes. My cat and I founded this shop to inspire love, acceptance, and spontaneity. You can help spread the love by purchasing a shirt.

inspirational cat shirts

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7 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. Well Jennifer, at times many of us struggle with doubt, especially when life throws us a curve.

    When the heat’s on, like we read in some of the Psalms, we may wonder why God seems to have hidden Himself. It’s not easy, but we learn more as we pass through hard times.

    Sometimes too our intellect gets in the way and that can feed doubt. God’s ways are not our ways and despite ourselves we can trust Him to lead us and bring us through.

    I hope all goes well with the blog.

  2. Jennifer, thanks for following my blog! I hope that my articles are a blessing to you as you navigate this Christian life! All the best to you!

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