Don’t Mess With Belief

Belief is a decision to trust something or someone completely. Don’t mess with belief. It could change your perception of reality forever. But for the mercy of God will you ever find your way back again. I could have sought a second opinion. But I didn’t. I could have consulted with friends outside my church. […]

Humble Light

Incandescently hidden, But through a veil, Burnt orange mercy. Unresistant, Fire turns to stone, Innocence to wisdom. Sacred yet intimate, Eclipsed In moon’s mortal flesh For Earth to see A humble light.

Stop Acting Normal

  We people please because we don’t trust people To love us the way we are. We can’t admit weakness lest they judge us. They seem nice but maybe not nice enough To handle our true selves. So we people please. And when we can no longer maintain the façade, We terminate relationships Because we can’t […]