Stop Acting Normal

  We people please because we don’t trust people To love us the way we are. We can’t admit weakness lest they judge us. They seem nice but maybe not nice enough To handle our true selves. So we people please. And when we can no longer maintain the façade, We terminate relationships Because we can’t […]

The Simple Gospel

Have you ever challenged your own beliefs? It may sound counterintuitive, but sometimes, it is the only way to test their strength and sincerity. During this season of faith, I’m discovering that many of my particular beliefs about the Bible aren’t very strong. Normally, I’d despair over this, but this time, I’m letting go – […]

Introvert Extremism

Have you ever misinterpreted something or taken it to an unhealthy extreme? It’s easy to do this with religion or politics, but what about less-controversial topics? What about the theory of introversion and extroversion? Can that be taken to an unhealthy extreme? At first glance, this topic seems harmless. In my life, however, it wasn’t. […]

I Need More Faith. But Why?

I feel like I’m always asking God for more faith – either because I need hope for my personal struggles or I feel like a “bad Christian.” I’m so focused on myself, my mood and my morality that I forget why faith is so important to begin with. The real reason I need faith is […]