My Faith Had to Die

My Christian faith has always been very me-focused. My motivation to adhere to it for seven years was mostly driven by selfish motives – depression relief and anxiety management. I suppose I could return to the faith and do it right this time. You know, practice the humble sort of faith that loves Jesus simply […]

Why Take Risks?

My cat, Flynn, is an idealist. At the ripe young age of two, he left home to explore the great outdoors. Soon, someone found him and brought him to an animal shelter. At that point, Flynn probably thought his adventures in the great outdoors were over. Little did he know, he would soon be adopted […]

Dear Water

For this blog post, I’m going to anthropomorphize water. It’s weird, but I promise there’s a purpose. (Note: all references to water refer only to swimming pools and other still bodies of water) Dear Water, I haven’t trusted you. For that, I am sorry. Clearly, you have unchanging scientific properties that govern my interaction with you. […]

Encouraging Others (with my Etsy shop)

A couple months ago, I opened an Etsy shop. I guess I needed a new hobby. I didn’t immediately realize it, but my shop, Two Wild Gingers, and this blog, Wide-eyed and Wild, actually have very similar missions. They’re both about hope.  I’ve developed a knack for challenging my negativity, and I enjoy encouraging others. […]

Giving Doubt a Voice

Throughout my blogging journey, there’s been one question that continues to gnaw at me: “What’s the purpose of sharing my struggles with the world?” At first, my answer was, “Showing people that Christianity isn’t nearly as weird as it seems.” Then, it was about sharing my doubts and how I was overcoming them. At one […]