Wide-eyed and Wild

A Voracious Young Woman's Journey From Agnosticism to Faith

I Need More Faith. But Why?

I feel like I’m always asking God for more faith – either because I’m anxious, depressed or feel like a “bad Christian.” I’m so focused on myself, my mood and … Continue reading

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The Cars Beside You

In front of you is a Town Car. Behind you, a Jeep. On your left, a Mercedes. On your right, a Caravan. Wait . . . the Caravan is now … Continue reading

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The Psychology of Faith (an Infographic)

What is your view of God? Faith doesn’t have to be unpleasant. I make it unpleasant because I have gotten into some bad habits. No matter how much I focus … Continue reading

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I’m Published

So, I’ve started freelance writing. Here’s my debut: What Backpacks are Best for Cats? I even have an author profile! Thank you, Adventure Cats! I hope to write for you again.

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When I Try Too Hard

How do you view yourself? I see so much selfishness in me, and no matter how hard I try to love God more than my desires, I never succeed. Eventually, … Continue reading

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When My Hope Disappears

Recently, my optimism has been evaporating. So many people are dying. I see it on the news, and I hear personal stories every day from friends, neighbors and coworkers. Often, … Continue reading

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When I Reject God

Why would I reject someone who looks more glorious than a mountain, sounds more glorious than a rushing stream, smells more glorious than fresh air, feels more glorious than soft … Continue reading

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