Wide-eyed and Wild

A Voracious Young Woman's Journey From Agnosticism to Faith

The Psychology of Faith (an Infographic)

Faith doesn’t have to be unpleasant. I make it unpleasant because I have gotten into some bad habits. No matter how much I focus on Jesus in the morning, my … Continue reading

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I’m Published

So, I’ve started freelance writing. Here’s my debut: What Backpacks are Best for Cats? I even have an author profile! Thank you, Adventure Cats! I hope to write for you again.

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When I Try Too Hard

I see so much selfishness in me, and no matter how hard I try to love God more than my desires, I never succeed. Eventually, I just stop trying. Persistence … Continue reading

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When My Hope Disappears

Recently, my optimism has been evaporating. So many people are dying. I see it on the news, and I hear personal stories every day from friends, neighbors and coworkers. Often, … Continue reading

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When I Reject God

Why would I reject someone who looks more glorious than a mountain, sounds more glorious than a rushing stream, smells more glorious than fresh air, feels more glorious than soft … Continue reading

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When I Don’t Accept God’s Blessings

My refusal to accept blessings that are not given to everyone on earth does no one any good. Does it help the people in Africa who are starving right now? … Continue reading

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When I Forget About God

When it comes to the Gospel, I think I suffer from short-term memory loss. While that’s an exaggeration, it is a good metaphor. In this metaphor, the “memory videos” in … Continue reading

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