Introverts Don’t Hate People

Do introverts hate people? The evidence seems to say so: Introverts typically don’t go to many events or parties. When they do, they only talk to a few people, and after a few hours, talk to no one. But the evidence is misleading. Behind this avoidant exterior is a person who actually loves people. In […]

When Everyday Life Isn’t Enough

Rose Tyler from the first season of Dr. Who reminds me of my high school self – always searching for deeper meaning in life and wanting to be the best version of myself. Everyday life wasn’t enough for me. Now, I’m a little more down-to-earth. I realize that sharing such thoughts with people who love you can […]

My One Chance to Rebel

Multicolored lights flash around you as the final guitar chord vibrates in your ears. The crowd goes wild. It almost feels like you’re at church. What? Evangelical Christians know what I’m talking about. Often, there is little distinction between a rock concert and a worship service. Perhaps the strangest similarity is the insistence upon engagement […]

My Faith Had to Die

My Christian faith has always been very me-focused. My motivation to adhere to it for seven years was mostly driven by selfish motives – depression relief and anxiety management. I suppose I could return to the faith and do it right this time. You know, practice the humble sort of faith that loves Jesus simply […]

Why Take Risks?

My cat, Flynn, is an idealist. At the ripe young age of two, he left home to explore the great outdoors. Soon, someone found him and brought him to an animal shelter. At that point, Flynn probably thought his adventures in the great outdoors were over. Little did he know, he would soon be adopted […]